July 23, 2024


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What bank uses XRP today ?!?

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A lot of people don’t understand what exactly is Ripple, Ripple NET and XRP (they are 3 different things).

If we open the Ripple website https://ripple.com/customers , we can see all their “customers” and financial institution they work with.
Some of them are Bank of America, SBI REMIT, BeeTech, IndusInd Bank, Rational FX, SABB (HSBC), American Express, AZIMO, Ria, Novatti, Deemoney, Flutterwave, Lemonway, Moneynetint, Nium, CIMB BANK, Santander,  Tranglo, FlashFX, transferGo, RakBank, SCB, SendFriend, iREMIT, BancoRendimento, Sentbe and many more (screenshot attached)


What people don`t understand is that this "customers" and financial institution don`t want and will not use XRP. They use the Ripple Network to make fast transfers of MONEY. For that you don`t need to use XRP.

For more information you can check their website https://ripple.com/ripplenet/on-demand-liquidity

There you can read it and understand that Ripple Net can be used (and its used by all their financial institution ) without  XRP being used.


RippleNet is Ripple’s cross-border payment network. It does not need XRP to function.

Ripple’s payment network is already being used by financial institutions. Many of Ripple’s banking partners only use RippleNet and not its XRP cryptocurrency.

Ripple claims that big banks like Santander use its service and that over 55 countries have signed on to use it. RippleNet also hosts over 120 currency pairs.

When we google “does Santander uses XRP” we get

Ripple’s Partner Santander Bank Won’t Use XRP for International Payments Due to Low Adoption. Santander Bank, a major European financial presence and one Ripple’s most prestigious partners is reportedly hesitating to add XRP to its international payments network.

That goes for all their “partners”… The the information of XRP being used by bank is just FUD of XRP fans…. In fact none of the bank want to buy XRP for themselves to use.

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