March 3, 2024


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Eth explained in simple terms

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Imagine Ethereum as a super-smart computer that lives on the internet. This computer can do all sorts of things that regular computers can do, like running programs and keeping track of information. But what makes Ethereum really special is that it’s not owned by any one person or company – it’s like a big community computer that lots of people share and use.

Now, instead of just one person controlling this computer, everyone who uses Ethereum helps keep it running smoothly. They do this by sharing their own computers’ power to make sure everything works correctly. This is called “mining.”

One of the cool things you can do with this super-smart computer is create something called “smart contracts.” These are like digital agreements that automatically do what they’re supposed to without needing someone to make sure it happens. For example, you could create a smart contract that automatically pays your friend when they finish a task.

Another thing Ethereum can do is create its own digital money, called “Ether.” You can use Ether to pay for things on the Ethereum network, like using tokens at an arcade. But it’s not just for games – people use Ether to trade, invest, and even build their own projects on Ethereum.

So, in simple terms, Ethereum is like a big, shared computer that runs on the internet. It lets people create smart contracts, make digital money (Ether), and do all sorts of cool stuff together without needing a central authority.

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