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BTC-E Down for 2 days.
BTC-E Down for 2 days.BTC-E are down for 2 days for un-schedule maintenance.
The following BTC address DOES NOT BELONG TO THEM 18f1yugoAJuXcHAbsuRVLQC9TezJ6iVRLp.
Here is the reported address.

The address is some "PONZI BITCOIN SCHEME" and has no connection to BTC-E.
According to some news, there was arrest of Russian Citizen connected to BITCOIN Money Laundering in Greece.

Greek authorities say they have arrested a Russian man wanted in the United States on suspicion of masterminding a money laundering operation involving at least $4 billion through bitcoin transactions.

Police said Wednesday they arrested the 38-year-old, who has not been officially named, the previous morning in northern Greece in cooperation with US authorities, and seized electronic equipment from his hotel room.

The man has been accused of laundering an estimated $4 billion since 2011 by using the online bitcoin currency. Greek police said he had been directing a criminal organization that owns, operates and manages "one of the largest cybercrime websites in the world."

Some people think that this was the owner of and one of the owners of BTC-E.
So far the balance of all known BTC-E cold and hot wallets are not touched.
Here are some of there wallets:
LTC - 69,957.3215686 LTC
BTC - UNKNOWN (too many wallets). Zero movement since yesterday.
ETH - 485,705.460548232661576105

Keep in mind that this are the wallets we know about. They have other cold and hot wallets.
So far it looks like they have some problems whit there servers (or some of the stuff really got arrested).
Bitcoin NewsAlot of BTC-E customers receive the following email

This is a scam and never send BTC to that address (or any address demanding payment from BTC-E).
Through alliance with MoneyGram, Ripple will have
Bitcoin NewsThrough alliance with MoneyGram, Ripple will have access to a network of approx. 350,000 agent loc's in 200 countries!
ALL ETH moved from BTC-E wallet to new wallet
Bitcoin NewsAll of ETH located at BTC-E wallet has been moved to a brand new wallet. Is it the FBI or some one is taking over the exchange ?!?!?!? 0x8eb3fa7907ad2Ef4c7E3BA4B1d2F2aAc6f4B5ae6
BTC-E hacked MtGox ?!?!?
Bitcoin Newssimple short entire story
Breaking open the MtGox case, part 1

Earlier today news broke of an arrest in Greece of a Russian national suspected of running a large-scale money laundering operation focused on Bitcoin. The man has since been publicly identified as Alexander Vinnik, 38, and over $4 billion USD is said to have been trafficked through the operation since 2011.

We won't beat around the bush with it: Vinnik is our chief suspect for involvement in the MtGox theft (or the laundering of the proceeds thereof). This is the result of years of patient work, and these findings were surely independently uncovered by other investigators as well. Everyone who worked on the case have patiently kept quiet while forwarding findings to law enforcement, so as not to tip suspects off and to maximize the chances of arrests.

With such an arrest actually happening, we think today might — finally — be the day when we can begin talking about what we've actually been doing all this time and what we found. Thank you for your patience.

We're going to split this into a couple of different posts, as our full findings cover a wider range of topics, and for this post we'll just very quickly summarize the main BTC theft and its connection to Vinnik:
In September 2011, the MtGox hot wallet private keys were stolen, in a case of a simple copied wallet.dat file. This gave the hacker access to a sizable number of bitcoins immediately, but also were able to spend the incoming trickle of bitcoins deposited to any of the addresses contained.
Over time, the hacker regularly emptied out whatever coins they could spend using the compromised keys, and sent them to wallet(s) controlled by Vinnik. This went on for long periods, but also had breaks — a prominent second phase of thefts happened later in 2012 and 2013.
By mid 2013 when the funds spendable from the compromised keys had slowed to a near halt, the thief had taken out about 630,000 BTC from MtGox.
In addition, the shared keypool of the wallet.dat file lead to address reuse, which confused MtGox's systems into mistakenly interpreting some of the thief's spending as deposits, crediting multiple user accounts with large sums of BTC and causing MtGox's numbers to go further out of balance by about 40,000 BTC. None of these users seem to have reported their "sudden luck".
After the coins entered Vinnik's wallets, most were moved to BTC-e and presumably sold off or laundered (BTC-e money codes were a popular choice). In total some 300,000 BTC ended up on BTC-e, while other coins were deposited to other exchanges, including MtGox itself.
Some of the funds moved to BTC-e seem to have moved straight to internal storage rather than customer deposit addresses, hinting at a relationship between Vinnik and BTC-e.
The stolen MtGox coins were not the only stolen coins handled by Vinnik; coins stolen from Bitcoinica, Bitfloor and several other thefts from back in 2011 and 2012 were all laundered through the same wallets.
Moving coins back onto MtGox was what let us identify Vinnik, as the MtGox accounts he used could be linked to his online identity "WME". As WME, Vinnik had previously made a public outcry that coins had been confiscated from him (the coins in question coming from Bitcoinica).
There were other thefts and incidents explaining other missing funds from MtGox. More on that in later posts.
There will be follow-up posts fleshing out the details of this post as well, for now we are keeping it short simply to stay close to the announcement of the arrest.
Coin flow
Having identified the actual transactions for the bulk of the stolen MtGox bitcoins, we traced them and clustered all addresses involved, quickly finding that other stolen coins were making their way into the same wallets. Below is a summarized illustration highlighting the theft coin flow of September 2011 onwards:

(The top area of the graph includes clusters unrelated to Vinnik, and appear to be part of a different theft.)
As some coins were deposited back to MtGox, we could identify which accounts were used to receive them; two in particular were of interest, and were possible to link to the online identity "WME". (Clusters who directly used these MtGox accounts are highlighted in red.) WME has been active since a long time back, often advertising "cheap coins" on the BitcoinTalk forums and wanting to trade exchange money codes. BTC-e publicly vouched for him, saying that "[we] know WME very well".

WME was involved with an incident involving stolen Bitcoinica funds (visible in the graph above), which provided yet another strong indicator that we had identified the right man, seemingly the main money launderer behind the MtGox heist. This incident also ended up revealing the name "Alexander Vinnik", though we didn't at the time think it was his real name, having seen many aliases. Today's arrest suggests it was real after all

To be clear, this investigation turned up evidence to identify Vinnik not as a hacker/thief but as a money launderer; his arrest news also suggests this is what he is being suspected for. He may have merely bought cheap coins from thieves and offered a laundering service. He is, however, a crucial piece of the puzzle, as he will have likely known who he was dealing with and laundering for, and so represents a major breakthrough in the case. We assume that law enforcement will now be taking the appropriate next steps to pursue all the remaining angles and hopefully identify the other individuals involved as well.

August 1 2017 BITCOIN "DOOMSDAY"
Bitcoin NewsWhat to do if you have BITCOINS in exchange before 1 August !!! 10 CRYPTO RULEZ If you ask us and almost everybody whit brain, you should immediately withdraw your Bitcoins from exchange and put them in offline wallet that you have keys too. Keeping your Bitcoins in exchange is like giving all your money to complete stranger in hopes that he will keep them for you. Allot of exchange go bust (cryptsy, mtgox etc) because of "hacks". Imagine if they decide to steal your money and blame it on hack or 1 August. The best wallet (if you don`t want to download all the blockchain) for us is Electrum. We use it on daily basis (it has Android phone version too) on Windows and Apple computers. Before making your Electrum wallet MAKE SURE YOUR COMPUTER IS CLEAN AND SAFE.
We warned about this on 11.12.2014

Cryptsy has had problems for some time now and its time to let everybody know exactly why. These problems were NOT because of any recent phishing attacks, or even a ddos attack, nor does it have anything to do with me personally.

About a year and a half ago, we were alerted in the early AM of a reduction in our safe/cold wallet balances of Bitcoin and Litecoin, as well as a couple other smaller cryptocurrencies. After a period of time of investigation it was found that the developer of Lucky7Coin had placed an IRC backdoor into the code of wallet, which allowed it to act as a sort of a Trojan, or command and control unit. This Trojan had likely been there for months before it was able to collect enough information to perform the attack. It does not appear that this was the original developer for LK7, as on 5/22/2014, we received this message from the new developer who wanted to maintain the codebase:


Lucky7Coin is not maintained and I would like to take care of it. I have announced that on in Lucky7Coin thread. Youre the only exchange for this coin and I hope you will let me take care of it. Im responsible. You dont have to be afraid of errors or forks. Im developing multipool and I know bitcoin internals and protocol.

For a start Ive changed irc network, so clients could synchronize blockchain. Please upgrade as soon as you can.

Github repo:

Branch master will always be for stable version, branch devel could be dirty. In a 2-3 weeks Ill release new version with p2pool support and checkpoints. Before that Ill contact you to check few blocks hashes for checkpoints and make sure there is no fork.

I hope we can cooperate and make this coin live again!
Alpha Technology accuses paypal for there delay

Alpha Technology (based in Manchester mining manufacturing company) did not deliver there pre ordered miner to the customers. They blame that PayPal blocked there account and that is the main reason they will delay the shipment of there first batch of hardware to end of October. They promised to deliver the pre order on July, but because of PayPal they had to move the delivery date.

According to the current raise of difficulty, all pre orders will fail to make ROI (return of investment) at all because of the 4 months delay.

 The excuse of the managing director Mohammed Akram and the reason they denied any refund on the pre order:

This is a pre-order model and most of the pre-order
money was used to fund the project, we have always made this clear from
the start. If the customers did not agree with this model and did not
agree with the terms, then I feel they should not have ordered.

Founded in April 2013 by Mohammed Mubasher Akram as Cheshire
Technology Limited, Alpha Technology held promise as a different type of
mining outfit.

The company posted its address and phone number online and only asked for a 30% deposit on pre-orders, unlike the 100% deposit required by other mining companies.

In July 2013, the company shed the Cheshire Technology name and
legally changed address from Stockport to a Manchester address shared by
Akrams fathers accounting company M. Akram and Co. That summer the
companys blog was regularly updated with news of technical progress.

Akram, who holds a Masters of Engineering degree in electrical and
electronic engineering but declined to name the university or other
details, was gearing up for a launch in early 2014. In late December, he
announced pricing details for the companys mining hardware and an estimated shipping date between April and September 2014 (Q2Q3).

Already the companys refunds policy was attracting criticism.
Depending on the time elapsed from your purchase, the company would
refund less and less of your initial deposit and charge a 70 fee in all
cases. Consumers in the UK have the right to a full refund if a product is not fit for purpose.

This refund policy is fair as we are not taking 100% upfront, said Akram in the same post.

By 2nd January the company was almost ready to begin sales. It released a video on YouTube, which now has almost 30,000 views, showing a demonstration of their mining hardware.

If you ask us, they will declare bankruptcy and run away whit the pre order money. 

Just have a look at there office (they say they manufacture in India and just assemble in the UK)

Butterfly Labs will try to open again.
HardwareAfter failing to produce and ship all there orders on time and people finding that there ordered equipment is used to farm bitcoin for months before being shipped (resulting in many of the devices failing and DOA) USA Court placed them in a temporary receivership.

After the hearing on September 29, they are still in receivership. They are rumors that they are working whit court to reopen completely or partially under court control.

If that happen it represent a potential avenue for providing resource to all there customers that lost more then million in investment and future profitability as result of not getting there equipment on time (or receiving dead equipment).

There is still a mater of when will customers receive there refunds, who were frozen as a result of the court decision.

One year and still waiting for trial Ross Ulbricht
Bitcoin NewsOne year and still waiting for trial Ross Ulbricht, despite the protestations of his friends and family. Ulbricht is incarcerated for a year and still he has not stand a trial.

Here is the "mastermind" behind Silk Road.

So far he is claiming he is not DPR (Dread Pirate Roberts) and pleads innocent.

One year and still waiting for trial Ross Ulbricht
Bitcoin NewsOne year and still waiting for trial Ross Ulbricht, despite the protestations of his friends and family. Ulbricht is incarcerated for a year and still he has not stand a trial.

Here is the "mastermind" behind Silk Road.

So far he is claiming he is not DPR (Dread Pirate Roberts) and pleads innocent.



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